Studio Wireless Headphones

beats studio headphones design yellow bkgnd

After four years of redefining the high-end headphone market, it was time to reinvent the icon that that started it all, Studio. Like great car brands, the new model needed to honor its predecessor, yet be radically modernized to match the evolved sophistication of the market. The new headphones needed to be lighter, sexier and more durable with better sound, greater comfort and unparalleled ease of use. Making them a reality required tight collaboration: with acoustics to optimize air volumes and venting; with EE to tightly package new features like a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth; and with ID to create the taut, organic surfaces and sleek fit. We pushed ourselves to develop a flexible plastic headband that is lighter and more durable than the metal reinforced headband of the original, hid all the screws, miniaturized the hinges, and improved tolerances.


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July 18, 2019