Magnetic 3D Printer

Fortify magnetic 3d printer

Fortify in Boston is taking Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) 3D printing to the next level with their new Fluxprint technology that combines magnetic and Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing to create optimized composites with ideal mechanical properties.


Fortify approached Alloy in an urgent time of need with insufficient engineering resources to meet their product development targets. Alloy was able to jump in and engineer a new iteration of their electromagnet power electronics PCB, handling over 3 kWatts and 125 Amps, where every milliohm of resistance counts in minimizing heat losses and achieving a reliable solution.


Alloy took Fortify’s requirements and produced a schematic and PCB design in just four weeks, which included full documentation ready for PCB fabrication and assembly, a fully costed BOM with multiple vendor quotes, and a bring-up test plan. We optimized the PCB layout to require only 4 copper layers instead of the previous design’s 8 layers and reduced the board size by 40%, significantly lowering the manufacturing cost. Alloy also developed an alternative power delivery approach for the control circuitry, which gave Fortify the option to use a much higher voltage for their main power supply than originally specified, without any other circuit or system modifications. This approach dramatically reduced the operating current and, in turn, wire thickness and heat losses throughout the entire product.


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September 29, 2021