Wireless EEG Headset

Zeto is building a new, better solution for electroencephalogram (EEG) – a measure of the brain’s electrical waves – for patients, physicians and technicians. Alloy linked up with Zeto to help expand their concept for a 6-point EEG headset to a clinical standard 19-point design. Our goal was to help create a zero-prep, easy-to-wear headset with dry electrodes as the patient-interfacing hardware of their cloud-based EEG platform.

Zeto, Branch (ID) and Alloy worked together to explore multiple headset architectures balancing comfort, ease-of-use and performance. We dove deep into head size and shape data to evaluate how our various designs would fit and function across our target users. From there, we used quick system mockups and subsystem proof-of-concept prototypes to get real-world feedback on how our leading candidate concepts performed against our various metrics.

We built on this data-driven approach through rounds of fully functional system prototypes. The first system level prototype focused more heavily on the engineering foundation, integrating and testing all the subsystem into a single, wireless headset. Our second and final system level prototype, shown in the images, integrated refined industrial design with improvements identified in our first prototype.


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July 18, 2019