Karma Drone and Grip

Karma makes it easy for anyone to capture smooth GoPro video from both the air and ground. The Karma system includes a drone, a hand-held grip, a shared image stabilization gimbal, and a remote control. Alloy worked on both the Karma Drone and hand-held Karma Grip. Alloy joined the Karma Drone project during the early concept phase to develop a bi-stable hinge for the collapsible and removable arms which are key to the portability and serviceability of the drone. As development progressed, GoPro expanded Alloy’s role to include the mechanical design and analysis of many additional subsystems including the landing gear, outer housings, arms, and vibration isolating gimbal mount. From concept through pre-production validation builds, Alloy worked alongside GoPro’s internal teams to help marry a lightweight, portable design with clean aesthetics and robust performance. For the Karma Grip, Alloy assisted in the later stages of development, refining parts and assembly details for tooling and production.


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July 11, 2019