Plume is the world’s first self-optimizing Wi-Fi that is designed to remedy inconsistent connections in the home. Instead of relying on a router as the centralized source for Internet connection, Plume’s sleekly designed pods are plugged into an outlet in each room to ensure an unfailing, strong connection — no matter where you are. Powered by the cloud, Plume optimizes the flow of data and recognizes your devices’ usage patterns in real-time. In tight collaboration with Plume’s engineering team, Alloy owned all aspects of the mechanical design to solve specific challenges to the product, from the first mechanical layout through mass production. The mechanical design challenges included: thermal analysis and testing to inform the design for several heat spreaders, tight packaging, UL certification, and overall system architecture supporting strict RF requirements. The final result is an incredibly fast and reliable connection in every corner of the home in a very small and beautiful package.


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July 18, 2019