Boosted Rev Scooter

Boosted is the industry leader for high performance, reliable vehicle-grade electric skateboards.  Boosted approached Alloy to help develop their newest product: Boosted Rev scooter. Alloy was tasked with designing the handlebar folding mechanism, wide pneumatic tires, and hub motor powertrain – all to meet the quality and reliability standards that Boosted customers expect.  Working closely with Boosted engineers, Alloy was responsible for the development of these custom mechanisms from concept development through tooling release.

The handlebar folding mechanism is designed to be high strength, durable and resistant to loosening despite the shock and vibration of a vigorous ride.  Through substantial finite element analysis and real-world testing, we validated that our mechanism met Boosted’s aggressive specifications.

The custom wide pneumatic tire assembly delivers a stable and comfortable ride.  Alloy worked with vendors and a tire design consultant to produce a cross-section optimized for durability, shock absorption and weight reduction.  Packaged inside the tire, the custom hub motor balances extremely high-torque output with battery efficiency. This motor is assembled into a custom wheel housing featuring a split-hub design for simple tire and tube replacement.

These precision-engineered assemblies were integrated into Boosted’s well-built and attractive system for a scooter experience that delivers an unrivaled balance of quality, speed and reliability.  As Tech Crunch put it, “It’s a superior experience…when it comes to acceleration, braking and shock absorption.”


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October 31, 2019