Nascent Objects introduced their modular consumer electronics system with the goal of less waste, cooler stuff, and lower costs for better devices.

The modular system is made of interchangeable pieces that snap together to form different gadgets in a matter of minutes. The initial launch included a bundle of three gadgets made by mixing five modules and three shapes. In the future, a robust ecosystem of modules and shapes will be available for consumers to create thousands of different products.

The current gadgets include:
• Droppler, an unobtrusive water usage monitor using advanced audio recognition tech to track water consumption in real-time.
• Red, a WiFi and bluetooth speaker with full, rich sound packed into a portable package.
• CouCou, a security camera with high quality HD video.

Alloy provided support throughout the development process, from proof-of-concept through manufacturing. Early in the project, Alloy conducted extensive testing and design iteration key to fine-tuning the process for creating the nascent shapes. Alloy also collaborated with the industrial design team to develop the docking mechanism for modules within shapes. The result is a suite of beautiful yet rugged modules that the user can leave exposed or place within a housing of their own design.

Nascent was featured at CES 2016, where viewers engaged with the modules and shapes to experience switching from one product to another. Additionally, Shock Top has teamed with Droppler and is funding $50k as part of its “Shock the Drought” campaign which works to fight the drought in California and beyond. Read more about Nascent here and support the Indiegogo campaign here.


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July 18, 2019