Handling Component Shortages

Handling Component Shortages Handling Component Shortages: Introduction It’s no longer a good idea to hack together an electronic prototype, and then directly translate that design into a product – because, amongst other reasons, those prototyped components may introduce supply chain issues later. Expertise in designing products for volume manufacture is absolutely essential. Leveraging this experience results in developing products that are less likely to suffer from component shortage-related issues, and helps to... read more

“Running with Scissors” in PCBA Development

“Running with Scissors” in PCBA Development When developing a complex, space-constrained board, a best practice is to first build and test a development board that won’t fit the final product (aka “non-form factor”). Only after that is working do you then reduce the board design to the intended size and shape for the end product (“form factor”).  Unfortunately, when the schedule gets tight, it can become tempting to skip that development board and go directly to the final form factor. The intent is to pull a round of “build and... read more