45L Stainless Semi-round Sensor Can

simiplehuman approached Alloy with a desire to create a new, more refined semi-round sensor can. Given a focus of developing a high-end product that blends well with a modern kitchen setting, wrapping the lid and trim ring with high-quality stainless steel was a must. The additional stainless brought a level of polish and durability, but also increased the weight of these moving parts. The increased weight expanded the complexity of the mechanisms moving those parts. Working together through various refinements, we achieved our goals and the motorized lid opens smoothly and incredibly quietly to provide hands-free operation. The end result of this collaboration is a clean, sleek and reliable product. Alloy owned all aspects of the mechanical design of this sensor can, from concept to tooling release and production ramping.
Year Announced
Services Include
Mechanical Concept Development, Detailed Design for Manufacturing, Industrial Design Integration, Analysis, Prototyping, Testing
ID by LDA and simplehuman
EE by simplehuman