Summer Interns

October 14th, 2019 By Alloy

The past summer has been a whirlwind of exciting projects, new engineering challenges, and valuable lessons. To help with some of the heavy lifting, we invited two excellent interns to join our team for the summer. Here’s a look at what they’ve been up to!

Taylore Jaques

A Mechanical Engineering Master’s student at Stanford University, Taylore joined Alloy to gain industry experience to complement her coursework. During her five-month internship Taylore joined a team developing a consumer electronics product. Her responsibilities ranged from client interactions and mechanical design to testing, validation, and data analysis. Taylore took ownership of a critical manufacturing process for one of our projects where she helped solve a challenging material stiffness issue. For a separate project, she designed and fabricated a number of high-resolution mechanical prototypes and pitched them to a prospective client.

“I found pitching and reviewing work I had generated directly with the clients to be the most rewarding,” Taylore said. “Seeing the positive impact I could make in these moments was a huge boost to my confidence as an engineer, and I’m grateful for the trust my team showed in providing me these opportunities.”

Alyssa Li

Alyssa is a senior at MIT, where she’s splitting her time between Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design classes. She spent the summer at Alloy helping on a handful of projects, mostly in early stages of the design process. Alyssa generated new mechanism concepts in brainstorms, as well as designed, fabricated, and tested in-house prototypes. For a consumer product with a complex rotating mechanism, Alyssa developed a fixture to measure torque and performed all the testing and data analysis.

“I liked jumping in on a lot of different projects and learned something new from each of them. Everyone at Alloy was also super welcoming, capable, and enjoyable to work with.”