Alloy Values

October 6th, 2017 By Chris
As a consultancy, our success is built on the virtuous cycle of engaged employees -> effective work -> impressed clients -> exciting opportunities and back to engaged employees. There are many elements to inject at each stage to make sure this is a positive spiral rather than a negative one. A key part of that is our values.

A list of company values can seem trite. We’ve all heard of organizations that list “integrity” as a value and then discover they have taken advantage of their customers or employees. The real value in values is not just publishing the list, but building them into the day-to-day workings of the organization. It’s using them to evaluate and reward team members rather than focusing simply on profitability or other short term metrics that may reward behavior that is counter to the values. As long as we follow these values, success will come.

At Alloy, our seven values guide our process for who we hire and promote. They are built into our peer reviews and self-assessments. In staff meetings we celebrate our teammates when they exemplify the values. And the values are there for our employees to know that the organization will back them up when they take the high road despite the potential challenges or short term consequences. We regularly review the values – and sometimes update them. Because, well, we are open to new ways of doing things.

1. Responsibility
  • We do what we believe is right, rather than what is easy or comfortable.
  • We step up to address problems that affect us, regardless of cause or blame.
  • We own and correct our mistakes rather than hide them.
  • We are willing to say “no” to unrealistic plans or expectations.
  • We clean up after ourselves, and sometimes each other.
  • We help each other live up to these values, regardless of seniority or position.

    2. Teamwork
  • We are stronger as a diverse team than as a homogeneous one, or as individuals.
  • We pull together and persevere to tackle big challenges.
  • Others can rely on us to follow through on commitments.
  • We strive to bring our A-game every single day.
  • We foster an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone is primed for success.

    3. Effectiveness
  • Effectiveness is the balance of quality and speed.
  • We understand that fast only counts when it’s right.
  • We use good judgment to focus our efforts on things that maximize impact.
  • We move with urgency and purpose.

    4. Technical Ability
  • We have the skills and knowledge to efficiently tackle a wide variety of challenges.
  • We quickly pickup relevant new skills and knowledge.
  • We actively hone our skills as individuals and as a company.

    5. Creativity
  • We search for elegance, or the “simplicity on the far side of complexity.”
  • The quality and quantity of our ideas directly affects our ability to deliver elegant solutions.
  • We search for a win-win before settling for a trade-off.
  • We are open to other’s ideas and new ways of doing things.

    6. Positivity
  • We love what we do.
  • Our energy and positive attitude is infectious.
  • We give our clients, vendors, and each other the benefit of the doubt.
  • We understand that maintaining a positive outlook is a choice.

    7. Communication
  • We keep the client and our teammates informed.
  • We listen and consider what is being said.
  • We strive for clarity in all communication.
  • We understand that discretion, the flipside of communication, is crucial and take care to maintain confidentiality.
  • We do not shy away from difficult conversations, but engage respectfully and tactfully.