New Faces

October 6th, 2014 By Alloy

The past two months at Alloy have been busy with some great new projects, celebrating our sixth anniversary, and welcoming five new faces to the team!

Joann So, Receptionist
Joann joined Alloy after a string of gigs including marketing for a non-profit, nannying, handling long lines at a food truck and sometimes working the grill! She enjoys working behind-the-scenes and seeing the makings of beautiful, functional products. Her down time is spent listening to music, hiking, baking and exploring cafes in the city.

Jesse Dethman, Level 2 Engineer
Jesse joined Alloy in September 2014 after relocating from sunny Southern California. Before working at Alloy, Jesse designed flight control actuation systems, focusing on proposal development for new aircraft and supporting development through design, initial production, and ground testing. When he has down time, he enjoys painting, playing the guitar and bowling.

Gray Dawdy, Level 1 Engineer
Gray is our newest team member. He became interested in Alloy during San Francisco’s Design Week in June 2014. Prior to joining Alloy, Gray designed automated machinery for guitar accessories at Jim Dunlop Manufacturing. Along with designing amazing products, he likes playing guitar and being outdoors.

Jesse Staub, Level 1 Engineer
Jesse joined Alloy directly from the University of Michigan after getting a taste for product development as an intern at Disher Design and Development. On weekends, he can be found hiking in the woods or surfing, but enjoys spending time on glaciers when he can.

Dan Sobel, Level 1 Engineer
Dan grew up in Vermont, but after getting a taste of Silicon Valley product development during an internship at Apple, he had to come back for more. He has been on two Engineers Without Borders trips to Honduras to build sustainable potable water distribution systems in remote communities. He loves the feeling he gets when he sees a stranger enjoying a product he has helped develop. When not solving problems, he enjoys spending time in the mountains either backcountry skiing or hiking.