Microsoft’s HoloLens is the first stand-alone augmented reality headset that compellingly demonstrates the promise of powerful wearable computing for consumers and professionals alike. Alloy started collaborating with Microsoft in 2012 to develop methods to comfortably mount the device to the user’s head and provide adjustments to properly position the optics. Our work led to the overall architecture of using a separate, adjustable headband with sliding friction hinges at the temples that allow the user to manually position the visor easily without the complication of buttons or dials. Along the way we also helped Microsoft evaluate structural, thermal, and audio options for the visor including CAD explorations, drop tests, manufacturing process research, cycle testing and tolerance analysis. Our work concluded with the detailed production design of the padded headband with a ratcheting size adjustment mechanism and the mechanically synchronized temple sliders.
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Services Include
Mechanical Concept Development, Detailed Design for Manufacturing, Industrial Design Integration, Analysis, Prototyping, Testing, Vendor Liaison
ID, EE by Microsoft
Image & video clip credit: Microsoft