Black Ops

Working Undercover.

Some of Alloy’s most intense and exciting projects are permanently confidential or not yet public. They include aerospace, next-gen wearables, clock-work type mechanisms for medical devices, complex motion hinges with pass-through interconnects for mobile devices, precision optical alignment mechanisms and development of new design processes.

We understand that confidentiality is more critical than ever and take these basic precautions for every project:

• NDAs with all employees, clients, and vendors

• Restricted access within the office

• Code names for clients

• Firewalled servers

• Encrypted laptops and off-site back-up

• 2-step authentication

• Multiple private conference rooms

• Security cameras and alarm systems

• Training employees in security best practices

• Ongoing review of digital and physical security improvements

Year Announced
Services Include
Mechanical Concept Development, Analysis, Prototyping, Testing, Industrial Design Integration, Detailed Design for Manufacturing, Vendor Liaison